Monday, September 13, 2010

Photoshop Production - wire and spark

Hello, everybody, we met again, this time to tell you is how to make real use of Photoshop and wire EDM, are old friends, greeting more than that if we start to learn it.

1, create a new document size 500X500 pixels, select the pen tool pen. Drag a "S" shaped lines. Name this path for the "Wire". Click the maximize button the document shows all of the canvas.

2, select the Airbrush paint spray tool, as shown by the establishment of a brush.

Create a new channel, called "Wire Lighting". Choose your path to start building the Wire, right-click and select Stroke Path. In the drop-down menu select the Airbrush tool, click OK. Then, hold down the Ctrl key to click the M key to open the curve adjustment, according to the figure set up. Or download this setting can be imported in the dialog.

Set the left picture to see the results.

3, Create a new layer, named "Wire Layer". Select Paintbrush tool and then shown setting up of a pen. Right-click the Wire path, choose Stroke path, but this time we in the drop-down menu, select the Paintbrush tool. Click ok. Well, we get a line similar to the previous step. The color line is that you start applying the Stroke command to set the foreground color, here we are in the foreground color is red.

4, Wire layer as shown by application of filter Lighting Effects. Then shown with curve adjustment Ctrl + M, or here to download the settings.

5, where basically we have completed the wiring of production, let us look at a slight adjustment. According to the figure set with Noise filter. Remember that this layer on the wire.


6, double-click the wire layer to bring up the layer style menu Settings dialog box, apply Inner Shadow style, the default settings, OK. In order to remove the wire wrapped round his head, we generally select a range, and then deselect Ctrl + Shift + I, and then click the Del key to delete the rest. Well, we got some wires, the next thing is to make this wire and copper wire inside.

7, do you copy just the wire, we just do wire copy layer, Ctrl + T slightly reduce the width of this wire, then put a layer of wire on the start of the following layers. Or in this layer, press Ctrl + U to open hue saturation adjustment, according to the figure set. Then the above steps and then joined the Lighting Effects filter, cut off both ends of the round wire, Kazakhstan, and now we get a copper wire, simple, right? If you wish Noise filters can also add the results as shown below.

Wires do the following, we will make the spark, hitting two wires together to produce sparks, is not it exciting? Real life I can not play this game, but this time we use Photoshop to play with, very safe.

1, the establishment of two co-wound wires, an exposed copper wire near each other.

Production of electric spark, if the wire too, can reduce the size of the Ctrl + T, when produced in front of several layers, you have to merge them, until you figure the level of board and similar.

EDM layer is the layer before the layer of copy, we will add the following to spark this layer.

2, create a 250X250 file, start the production of spark. Add filter Filter> Render> Clouds, then Filter> Render> Difference Clouds, and then adjust the Levels Image> Adjust> Levels, final Image> Adjust> Invert. Now select Image> Adjust> Hue / Saturation to adjust the hue and saturation, the Colorize option to hook on a kind of adjustment as shown on the right color. In a few steps, if you get a different picture on the right image and you can try to adjust levels and color over saturation, lots of production, there will be feeling. Create a lightning effect, I chose a part of a spark between the wires, you can find a part you like, copy, and then we need to rotate and then placed in the production of documents in the wire electric discharge effect. When will automatically paste the new layer, this layer and top layer of our copy out sparks merger will achieve the icon effects. Here you need to pay attention to is that you copied to regulate the level and the need to produce the spark wires spark level position, making exactly the spark the two ends of wires and two contacts. Together we named this the Spark.

3, a good start for animation effects. Click the menu File> Jump to> Image Ready .. or the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + M.

Select Sparks layer application 25% Lens Flare filter, the flash of the camera placed in the middle of the first two wires, click OK. Then copy this layer, again using Lens Flare filter, set the 45% level of board as shown.

4, now we can begin animation. Click the left side of the above two eyes, making them invisible. In the Animation panel, click the "Duplicates current frame" button five times, and then click Sparks layer of the eye to make it visible, and then click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks layer of the eye so that it is not visible, but also Click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks Copy layer of the eye to make it visible, and then click a "Duplicates current frame" button, then click the Sparks Copy layer of the eye so that it is not visible, and finally click " Duplicates current frame "button five times. Now, we have 13 of the animation, namely: Frames 1-5: Wires layer; Frame 6: Sparks layer; Frame 7: Wires layer; Frame 8: Sparks Copy layer; Frame9 -13: Wires layer. we must pay attention to each frame should show the name of the layer.

Ok, we have completed the animation, quickly save the export it!

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